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  • Arabic Acceleration Report
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Assalamo Alaikum, It’s very useful for the beginners, May Allah help you.

Aassalamm Vallaikumm.Dear Hazrath. Allhamdlilla.I’m new here :). Thank you for me to given 45 pages my essay, any input is greatly appreciated.i am There is nothing that an uneducated person can teach an educated person.
I believe that there are many things an educated person can learn from someone with no formal training in a specific field. Education is not just about attending a school or about having a degree, it is about being willing to learn and grow.
Another point that I consider to be important is that wisdom is not acquired in a classroom. It comes with life and with age. I am sure that many look up to their grandparents and value their input and opinions very much, even though perhaps they didn’t have the opportunity to continue their education. My grandmother, the wisest person I have ever met, only got until third grade. There are many things that an uneducated person can teach an educated person, because there are many things to be learnt outside the classroom.

pls do the needfull as early as possible.

syed saleem ahamed.

aswr maashaa allaha i found it helpful

Pls send me your notes on how to learn Arabic , Thank U ! Bless u!

Thanks and God bless you abundantly

Thanks for your efforts. I want to learn arabic. pl guide me.

May Almighty Allah reward you for this good effort.

Maasha Allah … May Allah Reward you for the effort…

Thanks …I will try my best to understand through this site …

It’s seem very interesting. I’m brazilian and sometimes I’m invited to participate in a church that speak both portuguese and arabic. It’s very fun because in special ocasion the worship is celebrated in both languages, specially during Christimas.

I really want to learn arabic please help me

I m happy because I m a muslim and love my religion may Allah bless u all for teaching and educating people about the religion

thanks it is realy helpful

Thanx a lot.its really helpfull


I am eagerly interested in Learning Arabic, Grammatically correct to understand Qur’an and Sunna (Hadith).


Learning arabic

Tenho dúvidas nas formações de frases,verbos e gramática.

great invention