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  • Arabic Acceleration Report
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Pls send me your notes on how to learn Arabic , Thank U ! Bless u!

Thanks and God bless you abundantly

Thanks for your efforts. I want to learn arabic. pl guide me.

May Almighty Allah reward you for this good effort.

Maasha Allah … May Allah Reward you for the effort…

Thanks …I will try my best to understand through this site …

It’s seem very interesting. I’m brazilian and sometimes I’m invited to participate in a church that speak both portuguese and arabic. It’s very fun because in special ocasion the worship is celebrated in both languages, specially during Christimas.

I really want to learn arabic please help me

I m happy because I m a muslim and love my religion may Allah bless u all for teaching and educating people about the religion

thanks it is realy helpful

Thanx a lot.its really helpfull


I am eagerly interested in Learning Arabic, Grammatically correct to understand Qur’an and Sunna (Hadith).


Learning arabic

Tenho dúvidas nas formações de frases,verbos e gramática.

great invention

Mashallah i am now downloading how to learn arabic language. Basically i am from INDIa belong to Hyderabad city – Jazakalla hu Khairun to Shaikyh Yusuf- Hafiz Allah(May Allah Almighty Protect him) -Ameen

For me this is the best explanation I had within the 10 years, I’ve been looking through the net for an Arabic course, form what I just read from your report was my main problem, but know not only I will follow
your teaching it will also make the other books I’ve been learning from much easier, I’ve been learning from the 3 Madina’s Book, just makes it difficult for a non Arabic speaking back ground like me, if I don’t know the mechanism of the language ,so thanks for coming with this extraordinary report
Thank’s again and my ALLAH gives you heath and long life Amin

interesting !