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  • Arabic Acceleration Report
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Learning Arabic is important and a base to understanding Islam.

every muslim should know to speak and write arabic

i want to learn arabic language so that can understand the Holy Quran, thanks.

I want to learn arabic to read and understand holy quran . thank you

Something I have been looking for so that insha aallah I may learn to read the Qur’an in Arabic and be ablr to both understand and interact with my Arab Brothers Sal-am wa Lakum

mafi molahadha /


Thanks may Allah reward you the best of all.

jazakallah it will very usefull for me inshallah

Where the mouslm stors

Thank you

Hope to make best use of this resource.



I will love to partake in the lesson but no resources on ground for now. May the Almighty continue to help the organizer.

السلام عليكم

assalammualykum warahmatullah every one

Alhamdullillah,may Allah,the ever living,the self subsisting bless you and your family to enter paradise and bless you with your hard word with eternal happiness.Amin

i will love to read,write,and speak arabic fluently by Allah grace

I wish to learn Arabic