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Shahriah Itinerary is my Suggestion towards this excellent Training Report…Wishing you all the very Best…Amin!

i think that how can i learn arabic fastiy

1. Arabic Secret Grammar Code Cracked
2. 1 Hour Arabic Investment Deal
3. Crack the Arabic Code in 1 Hour
4. The Rosetta Stone of Arabic
5. Arabic Rosetta Stone
6. Arabic Grammar System Discovered
7. Ivy League Arabic
8. Arabic without Barriers
9. Mastering the Arabic Challenge
10. Arabic Novice to Master in an Hour
11. The Art of Arabic
12. Turbocharged Arabic
13. Arabic Antidote to
14. Arabic Survival Program
15. A New Arabic Grammar
16. Arabic Grammar: Unique Approach Breakthrough
17. Arabic Foundation to Mastery in an Hour
18. Rapid Arabic in an Hour
19. Learn Arabic the Natural Way
20. The Natural Approach to Arabic

Arabic Made Esay

Mr. Mullan, thank you for sharing the way to learn Arabic fast and smart! I appreciate it.

Also, found that on page 14 of the report in Ibn Khaldun’s last name, letter k is not capitalized, it is hard to spot thing, so I decided to put it in comments here.

My suggestions for the name of the course, that encompasses your idea of ‘acceleration’ and just sounds good:

Dynamic Arabic
Dynamic Arabic: Progressive Course
Dynamic Arabic: Understanding the Core of the Language for Accelerated Learning

I want to know the Arabic language, really this is help ful to us, I appreciate this .

اسلام عليكم ورحمت الله وبركته

My suggestions are as follows;

1) Arabic… Fast and Furious
2) Arabic; The Key to all Knowledge
3) Purification of the Mind
4) The Language of the Ruh – Quick Mastery
5) Rabbi Zidni Ilma
6) The Language of Habibullah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) – QuickTime
7) Arabic; The Fardh upon all Muslims – made easy
8) Mastery of Linguistic Purification – Made Easy
9) Mastery of Linguistics – Made Easy
10) Arabic; The Path of Understanding

في امان الله
Br. Esa

Assalam O Aleikum Warehmatullah Wa Barakatuhu…My suggestions are: 1. Taking a step towards Jannah 2. Learning the language of your Ruh(spirit) 3. Learning the language of Allah(SWT) 4. A guide to Kalam Allah (SWT) 5. Learning Arabic: Your Guide towards the language of Jannah 6. Learning Arabic: Your guide to Kalam Allah(SWT)

1. Arabic Report Accelerator for Beginners in Canada (A.R.A.B.I.C)

1. Arabic in 2012, not 2020
2. Arabic Zenith Masterclass
3. Arabic: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
4. Ultimate Arabic For All
5. Keys to the Quran in an Hour

1. Frontiers of Arabic
2. Arabic Masterkey
3. Arabic: Problem to Solution
4. Spend 1Hour Now to Save 10 Years Later
5. Exponential Arabic Tutor
6. Arabic in a Nutshell

The words between parenthesis can be removed

(How to) excel in learning Arabic( – the short and easy way/guide)
Mastering Arabic – the short and easy way
The short and easy guide to mastering Arabic
The short and easy way of mastering Arabic
Pitfalls in learning Arabic and how to avoid them
How to avoid comon pitfalls when learning Arabic
(Important) Things no one told you about (learning) Arabic
Removal of obstacles in learning Arabic
Removal of veils in learning Arabic
What every student (of knowledge) should know about learning Arabic
The nuts and bolts of Arabic
A must for every student of Arabic
Arabic(: beginner to pro) in a breeze
Arabic in a nutshell
The quick and easy guide to (the quick and easy method of ) mastering Arabic

As-salamu ’alaykum,

“The Arabic Primer”

Call it : Worlds most beautiful language, just got possible to learn !

Arabic Unravelled

Arabic in 60 minutes

1. Secrets of the Arabic Code
2. Arabic Secrets Revealed
3. Arabic Unveiled
4. Arabic Masterclass

May Allah bless you all!
My suggestions for the title:
1) Arabic in one sitting; 2) Arabic in one go;
3) Accelerated Arabic; 4) Arabic in an hour
5) Learn Arabic in an hour; 6) The solution to Arabic
7) The solution to learning Arabic; 8) Cracking Arabic open
9) Arabic made Easy; 10) A Guide to learning the noblest language.

Some title suggestions… ‘Breakthrough Arabic’, ‘Arabic Master Plan’, ‘Arabic Blueprint’, ‘Comprehensive Arabic’, ‘Arabic Paradigm Shift’, ‘Ace Arabic in 1 Hour’, ‘Arabic in an Hour’, ‘Want to Learn Arabic?’, ‘Arabic: Mountain to Molehill’, ‘Arabic Transformation Program’, ‘Arabic Analysis’ and many other titles that are a combination of the above.

ASKM, Alhamdulillah. This is an excellent Program to learn Arabic Language to understand the Quran more easily and follow accordingly. Best regards. Prof.M.Ghouse/Riyadh Saudi Arabia