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Beautiful report. MashaALLAH. As a non-Arab student of Shari’ah Program and one who has sought to learn Arabic online as well as in the madrasa system, I wholeheartedly believe that Mufti Yusuf’s teaching method is the best out there for anyone who wishes to quickly learn how to expertly read and understand classical Arabic.

ALHAMDULLILAH, am extremely thankful to Allahsubhanahuwataallah for providing me with such a great teacher and his devoted team May Allah accept your noble work and always grant you HIS mercy and blessings. AMEEN SUMAAMEEN

MashaAllah…As a current student, I can say that coming back to the Mufti’s introductory explanation is like coming to home base; you’ll always need it. The reminding is critical and there’ll be something new for you each time you read the transcript. I come away yet again wishing that I had the benefit of this clear, concise, logical, comprehensive and up-front explanation of Arabic at the very beginning of my studies so long ago yet Allahu ‘Alim…I appreciate this much more and see it for the gold it is. Jazaak Allahu khairan Mufti Yusuf and may Allah ta’ala accept.

This is commendable.jazakallah

Assalamualaikum brother yousef and your team, I have read whole report in one sitting, there is no doubt,it is a master piece. I don’t think anyone else can make it any better or any easy. it is incredible report. You all deserve a big thankyou from everyone, who has a sincere desire to understand the speech of Allah (swt). May Allah reward you with more hikma. Aameen.

alhamdulillah this has enabled me to understand much better. It is so informative and interesting. I could read it over and over again. jazakallah, may you be rewarded for your efforts.ameen

This report is the answer to every struggling student’s prayers. All those who couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t learn the Arabic language need not look farther. After reading this report, they can come join the class and bring all their former teachers with them. This document exemplifies the excellence of the Shariah Program Classical Arabic Course.

This report gives a bird’s eye view of how the Arabic language works and highlights the different sciences that one needs to master in order to fully appreciate the beauty of the language. Anyone who wants to begin the study of Classical Arabic MUST read this report.

Assalamualaikum, the document is stuctured beautifully which enables one like myself with no backgrounds of arabic language at all to understand. Alhamdullilah..Jazakallah khairan

Alhamdolillah, reading all the different things, but this document is excellent. I just printed it out on my way to work, and I thought i would read some of it, but I couldn’t stop reading. This is so informative and excellent, and amazing. I would recommend every one to read it twice.

Masha Allah. Very beneficial. Since I have already went through the videos that covered most/all of this material, it was a very good review for me.

This helped me a lot, for me it was an aha moment

A nice tutorial. Ps. You have spelt language wrong on your front page.